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Honua Ola Speyer

"HonuaOla"- Gruppen in Speyer und in Lustadt

Wir üben in Speyer regelmäßig Freitags von 18:45 h bis ca. 19:45 h. In Lustadt Dienstags von 19 h bis ca. 20 h nach Absprache. Wer von weiter weg kommt und eine regelmäßige oder gelegentliche Möglichkeit zum Hula-Tanzen sucht, kann dies i.d.R. am ersten Samstag eines Monats tun. Jede/r ist willkommen. Bitte nehmt vorab Kontakt per Mail mit mir auf ...

Practice is in Speyer every Friday from 18:45 h to 19:45 h, in Lustadt every Tuesday from 19 h to 20 h. For those who live farther away please ask about Workshops if you can't come on a regular basis. Everybody is welcome to share the spirit of Aloha and Hula with us. Language won't be a problem. For details and more information please contact me at

Hula Classes in Germany - Speyer // "HonuaOla"

We practise Hula regularly in Speyer-Dudenhofen, in the South-West of Germany. We usually meet every Friday from 6 pm to approximately 7.30 pm. Everybody is welcome, as long as he or she shares the spirit of Aloha and ohana with us ...Therefore we would be happy to have you with us!!!:-)) For more information please contact me at  English won't be a problem ...

Our name has come to us recently on a workshop with Lei'ohu and Maydeen and we are very proud of "HonuaOla". We are also very thankful for Lei'ohu and Maydeen's many inspirations in our hula classes and beyond!:-) Mahalo!